2002 Boss Hoss 502 Big Block

SOLD !! 

This 1 owner bike was originally sold and serviced by Stamford Boss Hoss.  All this chrome was removed, and was sent out for black ebony chrome process.  Please feel free to call if you have more questions on this motorcycle.



  • 2700 Miles
  • 502 ci / 502 hp
  • 18″ front and rear wheel package 
  • Black paint w/ custom red candy apple flames 
  • lower air dam with driving lights 
  • Headwinds long headlight 
  • Touring driver seat
  • Standard handlebars with stock risers
  • Open rear drive pulley
  • Touring passenger back seat w/driver back rest
  • Tack setup on the handle bars
  • Battery tender hookup
  • Radiator over flow can
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2015 Boss Hoss Gangsta Trike & 17′ Trailer


Customer order: received Mid October, 2015, enjoyed for a couple months before winter set in!  Stored properly for the winter and customer passed away in March 2016.  244 miles: Family can now sell this beautiful Trike, with the trailer!



  • 244 Miles
  • Cruise Control
  • Custom Red Candy Paint w/ semi ghost flames
  • Small Block multi port Fuel Injected
  • Hooded Headlight
  • Chrome Engine Guards
  • Clear  14” Windvest Windshield w/ chrome Boss Hoss Bracket
  • 30” handlebars w/ Chrome, Boss Hoss Engraved Pull Back Risers
  • Passenger Back Rest
  • Adjustable Passenger Armrests
  • Auto on/off-Trunk Light
  • Battery Saver
  • Still new at a fraction of the price!
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Stamford Boss Hoss
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Stamford, CT